Top Acid Reflux Pointers To Help You

Acid Reflux

Do you have a family member) suffer from acid reflux? If you are familiar with it then you already know the pain that it can cause. It’s no fun to have your insides are on fire every time you eat. You can reduce the symptoms you feel concerning acid reflux with the following helpful tips.

This will help with hunger pangs since you’re more likely to be thirsty than hungry. Also, drinking outside of meal time will prevent your stomach from becoming too distended as you eat, you’ll find your stomach doesn’t get as distended when you eat and acid doesn’t pass back up into your esophagus.

Keep your head up by elevating the top of your mattress while you’re sleeping. You can also find beds that is raised electronically.

Eat your last meal three hours ahead of bedtime. The acid in your stomach stays put when you stand or sit upright. Laying down can cause the acid to rise again. Therefore, stay in an upright position for at least three hours.

Nicotine causes acid reflux to worsen.

Don’t exercise vigorously after a meal.Food in your stomach can be forced up into the esophagus when the lower abdominal muscles contract while exercising. Wait at least two hours before you exercise.

Use risers or a plank to raise the incline. The head should be approximately six to eight inches more elevated than the bottom of the bed. You can stop stomach acid from staying in your esophagus by elevating your chest and head.

The fattier the food, the worse it is for those with acid reflux. These can encourage acid to flow in the wrong direction by sending incorrect messages to the esophageal sphincter. Not only will it give you acid reflux, it will contribute to weight gain which makes the problem even worse. When you eat right and stay healthy, you can control acid reflux.

Acid Reflux

Don’t drink any alcohol if you want to avoid acid reflux. Alcohol affects the stomach in two ways: it stimulates acid production in the stomach and irritates the lining, which leads to the deterioration of your stomach lining as well as acid reflux. If you are planning an evening out, limit your alcohol intake if you want to feel good when you get home.

The next time you or a loved one suffers from acid reflux, you’ll know what to do. In the past it was something that you had to tolerate and prayed it would not last very long. However, you are now prepared to relieve acid reflux symptoms. Now that you have all of this information, you can get rid of acid reflux for good.

Keep stomach acid in your stomach by elevating the top of your mattress with a wedge. You can also use books, wood, or anything else which puts the mattress up at an angle to the base of the bed. It is possible to find electronically adjustable beds also.

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